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May 2015

Diva Lounge- Janac Mastectomy interview

Sept 12/13

A Race Against Breast Cancer- Brant News Read Article PDF |  Website Link

June 3, 2013 Bouncing Back- Through fire, divorce and cancer, businesses turn setbacks into success . The Globe and Mail  Read Article
April 17,2013

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation Fact & Fallacies Radio/Video Show Featuring Janet Cockburn

November 2012 Interview with Janet Cockburn from janac mastectomy wear on PICTALK TV  Watch Video
October 2011 The West Edmonton News. Heidi, the Owner of Unique Boutique, was interviewed by Anna-Grae York who wrote the article
 September 2011  Breast Cancer Mosaic- Read Janet Cockburn’s Story
 June 9, 2011 The Spectator-The 2020 deadline: Breast cancer needs to be defeated, not just treated. PDF
 May 12, 2011 Kelly Conners Radio Show – Click here
 April 2011  Clothes and beauty for women fighting breast cancer
September 2010 Silver and Gold Magazine – Click to read feature article on janac
 April 2010

Let it Heal LIVE show

Just in case you missed the show, our topic was breast health – a going concern for Canadian women. Amber Korobkina interviewed me about the “been-a-boob” and my mastectomy wear. She also spoke to Mary Kubiewsky with Breast Thermography Clinics and Grace Powell of Healthy Bras. 



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