Mastectomy wear including Canadian designed, locally manufactured Been-A-Boob breast forms and comfortable bras.

At janac we are passionate about helping each person who has had breast surgery or body shape challenges feel comfortable and confident. We believe people need choices and alternatives. Our products can help you with this. Browse the site and see what we have for you!
Been-A-Boob non-silicone breast prosthesis

Been-A-Boob Prosthesis

Our Been-A-Boob® is a non-silicone breast prosthesis designed by a breast cancer survivor. Whether you need a full prosthesis or a smaller size to fill in, there is a BAB for you.

It is an affordably priced lumpectomy/mastectomy/breast reconstruction solution starting at $40 plus shipping and handling.

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Mastectomy Bra

Pocketed Bras & Bra Tanks

We produce different styles of specially designed bras and bra-tanks that give new life to women with altered, removed or uneven breasts by allowing them to look and feel the way they desire.  janac products allow people all over the world to live with confidence, knowing that only they know they are wearing a prosthesis.

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Queasy drops- helps an upset stomach

Queasy Drops and Pops

Developed by healthcare professionals, Queasy Drops are an effective way to help provide relief from nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments and pregnancy