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At janac we produce 3 styles of Sportsbras, the Been-A-Boob® insert and Bra-tank. Used together, these garments offer women a new solution for looking and feeling better about themselves.


*Check your insurance for coverage of all mastectomy wear.
The BEEN-A-BOOB is a breast form, our sportsbras are MASTECTOMY BRAS, our Bra-tanks are MASTECTOMY TOPS.

This is a special garment made for all active women, who have either had breast surgery or have one breast larger than the other. It provides excellent support for breasts of all sizes, while doing moderate exercise.

The special pockets were originally used to hold the Been-A-Boob® prosthesis only, but we have found lots of new uses. Ever wonder where to put your gym locker key, money, Kleenex or security pass? Use the existing pockets in the Bra-tank to carry what you need!

Who is it for?
The Bra-tank is for any woman who wants to feel comfortable while doing moderate exercise, relax on a beach, around a pool or in a garden. The Bra-tank can even be worn while swimming as a tankini top, however, colourfastness cannot be guaranteed.

How does it work?
The Bra-tank incorporates the Dinah sportsbra for breast support and comfort.


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Bra Tank

Marsha Mastectomy Bra Tank  $95.00/ea


  • Dinah bra integrated inside the tank
  • Top portion of tank changes colour with lower half in black
  • Colours: pink, deep blush, ocean blue and purple

 Brenda Bra Tank

Brenda Mastectomy Bra Tank  $95.00/ea

  • Dinah bra integrated inside the tank
  • Colours: black, purple, deep blush and ocean blue

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